Lucy recently did a distance clearing of my home and business and I found an incredible change in the calmness and clarity within my space. I also work from home and was wanting to attract more business, Lucy focused on those two things abundance and peace. The following week I had many new clients contact me and could feel the shift of positive abundance and peace flowing freely throughout my home and business. Thank you Lucy, you are a very talented and creative soul. I will definitely be calling on you again in the near future. Blessings...

Joanne - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Blessing be!! As soon as I opened the windows I could really feel the living room shift.  Much lighter and it felt like a smile.  I brought in a beautiful bouquet and walked it through the house giving thanks and gratitude.  It was a bit emotional for me, and I felt a release. Thank you!!!!

Lori - Huntingdon, PA, US

I have had some serious uncomfortable vibes in my bedroom and have not been able to sleep there. Martin my sidekick also commented that he felt uncomfortable in the room. I asked Lucy Deslandes to have a peek at the room and the house. I sent her photos as well. She does remote house clearing and she is a remarkable feng shui practitioner and artist.  After Lucy cleared the house I could sleep in the bedroom, but the room still felt as if there was residual resistance. Lucy did another session connecting to a powerful shamanic guide. The room is clear now and the whole house is filled with beautiful energy and light. Thank you Lucy for your amazing work and your kind heart. I recommend Lucy Deslandes to anyone who has issues with their homes or wants to clear a new home or even a workplace!

Linda - Anne - Canberra, NSW, Australia

Perfect message for me, Lucy.  A needed kick in the butt . I have had more energy around my house in the last few days. I think it has to do with it not feeling so heavy. There is still way too much to do to make it at all like I want it, but I am not as overwhelmed.
The house does feel lighter to me. I had been feeling burdened & claustrophobic.  Thank you!

Lani - San Diego, California, US