You are here because you believe that magic can happen. You understand when you co-create with spirit you will attract the

love you desire...


You know how it feels ... you get butterflies in your stomach and feel the excitement in the air. You’re ecstatic when you receive a text from him as you know he is thinking about you.

You feel that buzz of anticipation when you’re getting ready to meet. You’re thrilled as you get to know and appreciate someone who makes your heart sing and lights up your life!



Would you like to meet the person who will help you create a more fulfilling, fun-filled life? The life you’ve dreamed of. Where you can walk hand-in-hand with a special person who cherishes and treasures you? Where you wake up to someone who understands you?

In this Energymagic Silver Love Box Program, you'll be guided through a proven process that will show you how to activate and align with your most positive, inspiring intentions.

  • Have you been longing for that special someone who holds you and desires you?
  • Is your greatest wish to feel connected and be fully seen by another?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been patient long enough?
  • That it’s time to manifest your soul-mate?

NOW is your time to create Energy Magic!

Inside this Silver Love Box Program, you’ll receive the answers you need to manifest what you’ve been craving and yearning for. I’ll show you how to attract the perfect partner to you, in total alignment with your hopes and dreams. I’ll show you how to magically manifest the love of your dreams!


In the EnergyMagic Silver Love Box Program, you will:

  • Discover the magical formula using ancient Feng Shui techniques to attract your soulmate
  • Learn about the secret love attractor that aligns you to the love you desire
  • Understand the most important steps in the manifestation process that will help you to find the love you are looking for 
  • Use activated and energized crystals that are chosen individually for you and have been magnified to attract love
  • Complete and place a proven secret magnetic box to manifest your ideal partner
  • Feel amazing as you take proactive steps in a universal co-creative process
  • Learn a life transforming skill that helps you know when you are in alignment 
  • Enjoy a sense of confidence in yourself that is steadfast in your mind knowing that your soulmate is on their way
  • Value yourself as the prize who attracts a high-quality partner who reflects your heartfelt desires.

In the Silver Love Box Program, you'll receive a series of videos and mystical techniques to help you successfully navigate feelings, emotions, desires, and ultimately - manifest the love of your life! You will receive your individual Silver Love Box filled with symbolic treasures personalised especially for you.

Now is the time to create the love you desire!


A bit about me

After conducting over two decades of research and practice into spirituality, relationships, consciousness and manifestation as a Feng Shui consultant, I have created this unique spiritually-based Energymagic Silver Love Box Program. During this time, I have been gifted with some wonderfully practical insights into this ancient art of harmony, balance and flow.

I have always used symbolism in my work and I understand how important it is to tap into the universal vibration of harmony, balance and flow. I have set up potent crystal grids and programmed the treasures you will find inside your box, infusing them with positive, inspiring love vibrations … aligning your heart to find its match.


How does it work?

As soon as you register, you will receive your first three Energy Magic Silver Love Box Program videos. This will outline what you need to do to get started and you will discover what is inside the magical Silver Love Box. It is a physical product that will be immediately shipped directly to you.

2 days later, I will send you the remaining Energy Magic Silver Love Box Program videos on alignment and placement, and reveal the secret formula to truly connect and radiate your most sincere, uplifting and heartfelt intentions.

I will also invite you to join me in a private Facebook Group where I will be available to answer any questions you might have.


Free Gift

As a bonus, I have included a very special and energetic print called “Finding Love”.

This is a downloadable piece of art that has powerful symbolic Feng Shui embedded within it. When placed in the love direction of your home, it activates the energy of aligning hearts.


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Silver Love Box Program
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