"Feng Shui is a living skill. There is an art to it. It is scientific; it's logical - with an element of magic"

I love seeing how small changes to a space can shift the energy. This has been a passion of mine for making a difference in how you sense and feel when your home is in balance. I like to transform spaces and create harmony and flow. I have also created art works to uplift and symbolically activate the elements. 

100's of Birds - activating opportunities flying toward you

100's of Birds - activating opportunities flying toward you

Make a few Simple Changes in Your HOME and Feel the Transformation…

Find out how to use the five elements, the bagua, the nine aspirations, and yin & yang to create a wonderful flow of chi in your environment.


  • Create a healthy, happy and prosperous energy 
  • Improve relationships and enhance wellbeing
  • Amplify opportunities and increase abundance
  • Feel the ambience of a harmonious and peaceful home



Would you like to know how where to place your mirror?  What is the best direction for my bed? Where do I put my money frog? What colour would work best in here? Do I need to make massive changes or just small ones to notice a shift? How does my entrance feel?

Do you want to attract the right partner?

Do you want a better relationship?

Do you want to improve your prosperity?

Do you want to attract a job opportunity?

Does your home feel harmonious?

Does your business need an energy boost?

Are you attracting the right partner/relationship?

Are you attracting the abundance you would like?

Open the door to prosperity!

Open the door to flow!

Do you feel stuck or in a rut? That things are just not flowing in your life. Allow me to show you some simple techniques based on the art of feng shui that will help you get things moving again.

Energymagic  Sweet Spot Consult      cost: $150 for 1 hour


Buying or Selling A House

Energymagic  Assessment to Buy        cost: $195 for 1 hour

Energymagic  Assessment to Sell        cost: $195 for 1 hour


Prior to coming to your place, I will put a folder together with your personal aspects and best directions.  We will go through the information and set an intention for your consultation in terms of what you would like to focus on. 

Please supply an A4 floor plan for me to work with on the day. 

I will come to your property and assess all aspects of Feng Shui for 2 hours with you. I will draw on the principles of form school and the compass method to make recommendations. I also use energy work to transform the space and create more harmony and flow.

Energymagic  Detailed Consultation     cost: $350 for 2 hours

remote written report

Energymagic Assessment using floor plan, photographs and birth dates

This can be done no matter where you are located       cost: $295

Your consultation will include:


  • Chi flow conditions
  • Identification of Sha Chi and Si Chi
  • Man-made energies assessment
  • Detection of electro-magnetic fields
  • Measuring safe distances from potentially dangerous (EMF)


  • First Impressions - quality of the ‘coming home journey’
  • Location assessment of the street and neighbouring properties
  • External and internal materials and colours
  • Floor plan assessment – bagua grid over the property
  • Five elements assessment 
  • Control position assessment 
  • Furnishings and colours
  • Presence of clutter
  • Balance of yin and yang
  • Compass orientation of the property and building
  • Life enhancing areas - nine aspirations
  • Mountain and water features
  • Feng Shui personal aspects (related to the occupants) 
  • Discover your kua number and most auspicious directions
  • Chinese astrology sign by birth

to contact me for an appointment
phone: 0418 838388 or fill in the form below.

A Feng Shui report can be sent to you anywhere in the world.

Currently in person services are in the Gold Coast Region QLD Australia

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